Buy Back Policy

1.The buy back policy is applicable to gold products only.

2.The buy back gold products will be checked under our professional gold purity agencies.

3.Any product that is being sent back to us under buy back policy will send to purity check center to go through Laboratory process to ensure the quality of the product. The customer must bear the risk of damage caused by the detection of gold products.

4.Each Buy back item requires a test fee of Rs 300. After the test is completed, the company will return the amount based on the data of the testing agency. The amount of Buy back = net weight of gold * real-time gold price of the store - net weight of gold * 70 - 300(Testing Fees) , (The platform will charge 70/gm).

5.The amount of the buy back policy will only be refunded after the confirmation of the quality check agency.

6.The original bills and the ID proof is mandatory for the buyback policy.

7.This policy is not applicable on promotional/engraving/customised products.